Holy Week Services (jointly with Greenbank Church)

Each year during Holy Week, we join in worship with our neighbours at Greenbank Parish Church. 

This year, Greenbank is hosting the services, which are as follows:

Monday 26th March 7.30pm (Braid Room): Mark 11: 12-19. ‘The fruitless tree’.

Tuesday 27th March 7.30 pm (Braid Room): Mark 11: 20-25. ‘Forgiveness’. 

Wednesday 28th March 7.30pm (Braid Room): Mark 14: 1-11.  ‘Priorities’.

Maundy Thursday 29th March 7.30pm (Sanctuary): Mark 14: 12-16.  ‘The Supper’.  (with celebration of Communion)

Good Friday 30th March 7.30pm (Sanctuary): Readings, music and prayers for Good Friday (joint choirs of Morningside and Greenbank).

Holy Saturday 31st March, 3-4pm (Sanctuary):  Guided all-age contemplative worship

              ”                                   7.30pm (Morningside Parish Church): Music and readings




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