Lent study 2023

Lent 2023: Time for a change? Transfiguration today. Before the Church leaps into Lent and its darker faith colours and thinking, there is a Sunday that is called Transfiguration Sunday. It sets Jesus with two of His disciples on a mountaintop and affords us a view of what Jesus might look like in glory. He is transfigured or The Church of Scotland is currently going through a time of change as every level of our Church, local, regional, and national.

The Minister will be leading two studies in March at the manse (20 Braidburn Crescent, EH10 6EN) which will reflect on the ideas of change and transfiguration in the Church and in our lives today. Both evenings begin at 7.30pm, with refreshments served from 7pm. More details in the forthcoming Church Magazine and email.

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