Night Light service with John Bell, Sunday 28 February 7pm

Night Light evening service: On the evening of Sunday 28th February at 7pm in our Church we will welcome John Bell from the Iona Community who will help lead worship. As we will be in the season of Lent, John will look at the rich tradition within the book of Psalms that celebrate lament. Sometimes, when grief or anger or fear are raw and the words will not come, or we feel that our feelings are being pushed aside or ignored or patronised, the jagged reality of what the Psalms have said for nearly 3,000 affirm that there are times it is all right to feel heart-broken, bereft or pained by loss. John will help us to look at different ways in which the Psalms can be said or sung.

The Night Light services are supported by Morningside, Greenbank and Fairmilehead parish churches.

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