Raising Children with Confidence – latest news

Raising Children with Confidence course (offered by the Children and Families department of Edinburgh City Council).

It was planned to to host this course again in May – June, but for a variety of reasons,  Edinburgh Council have had to cancel.  It may be possible to run it here again in the autumn, or next spring and information will be available here, or at (for example) the JoinIn Edinburgh website (where you can also find details of this and similar courses running at other venues in the city).   

Course description

Do you have, or care for, children aged 0-11? This is an affirming course which draws together the latest findings about what influences children’s well-being, and why what we do makes such a difference.  It recognises the uniqueness of every family and brings you together with other parents and carers to reflect upon your experience of family life.
The course is free, and is open to any parent or carer.


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