Scavenger Hunt photos

Sunday Club’s outing on 13 August to Hermitage of Braid, aka as a Scavenger Hunt.  Rona gave us all an empty egg box with labels on each compartment, instructing us to find something soft, or sharp, or bendy, or hard, as we walked through the woods.  It was a warm sunny day, as we started out, with a prayer that we’d enjoy the beauty around us and learn something about God’s creation.  
The older ones set off on their own bit of exploration!  They had an extra biblical Challenge Quiz, and having found the answers, had to spot them in the Hermitage and take photos of them.   

We finished up with a game of ‘Puddocks’ (cross between cricket and rounders), at which most of us were pretty hopeless and missed the ball completely, but it didn’t spoil the fun!

Starting out



Playing puddocks
All completed!

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