A Union of Morningside Churches

The union of Cluny Church and Morningside Braid Parish Church to form the new Morningside Parish Church brings together a rich history and tradition. In this union, what were once five separate churches are now become one – healing the wounds caused by the Disruption of the Church of Scotland in 1843 when the Free Church of Scotland was formed.

The Five were the original Morningside Parish Church (1838), Morningside High (1844), Braid (1883), St Matthew’s (1885) and South Morningside (1889). Between them they represent the three main strands of Presbyterianism – Old Parish Church, Free Church, and United Presbyterian Church. Unions took place in 1961, 1974 and 1991.

On 13th April (Palm Sunday) 2003 the parishes of Cluny and Morningside Braid were united to form the new Morningside Parish Church, bringing the five former churches into one.

Morningside is a busy and thriving part of south Edinburgh. There is a rich diversity in our buildings, a vibrant retail district, schools, parks and a theatre (the original Morningside High Church).  To this we want to turn our energies into establishing a recognisable and relevant Christian presence in the community. The formation of the new charge has given an opportunity to reach out to the wider community whilst continuing to play a part in the life of Morningside.

Below is a link to an informative leaflet.