Children & Families

Church activities for children

Children & Families

Our Crèche and Sunday Club (see also separate page) meet each Sunday in the Church Hall. Children normally meet first in the Church for the beginning of the 10.30am service before going through to the Hall for activities. Sunday Club formerly used Spill the Beans as its core material; we have recently moved to using Roots for Churches.

Children are involved in different ways in the worship life of the Church. On most Sundays a child will either give the opening prayer, read the first lesson, or give the offering prayer.  Every Sunday, the children help with collecting the offering. 

For some more pictures of our Sunday Club activities, see the Sunday Club page. 

Children and Communion
There is one communion in the year at which children are involved and play a part. This all-age communion takes place at 10.30am on the first Sunday in March. Children are encouraged to stay for the whole service on this Sunday, though crèche facilities are available in the Braid Hall. For the other communion services in June, October and December children would normally go to the Braid Hall for crèche and Sunday Club.

For the Uniformed Organisations (Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts) please see the tabs on the drop-down menu for this page.

Jennifer Stark is our Associate for Christian Education and Pastoral Care and works with children and families in the church and community.  

Tel.      07802 263979

The Church of Scotland and Morningside Parish Church are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of children and young people.  Our Safeguarding Coordinator is Paul Cackette.
Tel.    : 07890 911 989

Click here to access information and contact details for the Church of Scotland’s Safeguarding Service.



Easter events for children and young people: in 2017, for the first time, we ran events jointly with Greenbank and Fairmilehead Churches during Holy Week.  Each offered something slightly different – games, crafts, reflective/quiet time!  

At our Easter Workshop, we made a mural showing the stages of the Easter story, baked bread (some of which was used for the Maundy Thursday communion), decorated eggs in Faberge style, and made mini-baskets or stained-glass crosses.  The mural was displayed in the church on Easter morning.   We also enjoyed home baking, and lots of fun together.