Sunday Club


At the 10.30 Sunday Service, we have a Sunday Club for children from 3/4 to 12 years, and a creche available for those under 3.  With our team of Sunday Club leaders,  we do activities connected with the readings for that Sunday, and often include a simple, fun craft or a song.  We usually use Spill the Beans material.  Everyone welcome! 
If you would like to know more about our work with children and young people, contact Jennifer Stark, our Associate for Christian Education and Pastoral Care.
Telephone: 07802 263979

What did we do last week?

Sunday 25 June (Pentecost 3): Our theme this morning was ‘Jesus and the sparrows’.  (Matthew 10: 24-39).  In his children’s address, Andrew introduced us to a photograph of a ‘swan taxi’, taken on the Water of Leith, and we then played a parachute game with a big and rather talkative bird, who did a lot of flying off the parachute. 

The older children tried to find a ‘good news’ story to make a collage, and the younger children produced some very colourful sparrows! 

Sunday 18 June (Pentecost 2): Our annual summer All-Age service.  The service was led by our Interim Moderator, Revd. Scott McKenna and our children, reading lessons and prayers.  All our regular Sunday Club children received a book in recognition of their participation during the year, and we also presented flowers to our regular leaders, Laura, Norma and Rona, to thank them for all their committed and creative ministry with the children.

Sunday 11 June (Trinity Sunday): Creation story!  (Genesis 1).  We had fun creating completely new birds, and other shapes, mainly from pipe-cleaners.  Some of them are shown in the photograph.   




Sunday 4 June (Pentecost + Communion):  The children participated in the first part of the service as usual, and we then did a ‘Pentecost parachute’ game (the huge parachute is always popular).  Our craft was making ‘Pentecost crowns’, a great idea to be found at at

Then we ended by sharing bread and grape juice together with simple words of blessing.  

Sunday 28 May (Easter 7/Ascension):  Although it was Ascension Sunday, we focused today on prayer – Jesus praying for his disciples and us praying for each other (John 17: 1-11).  We learned about the ‘teaspoon’ prayer  (TSP – thank you, sorry, please) and did some creative prayer, making prayer chains.  

Sunday 21 May (Easter 6): ‘No More Doors’.  In our focus reading this morning, Jesus told his disciples, ‘If you love me, keep my commandments’.   (Readings 21 May (Easter 6).  We began with one of the hymns chosen by the children, ‘Give me oil in my lamp’, and then in two teams, fetched and put together the letters for ‘God loves us’ and ‘Word of Life’ – the theme of the General Assembly on which our minister, Derek, would be preaching that morning in St Giles. Then we made ‘cascading hearts’, before going outside to take a photo with children and adults holding up the phrase, ‘WORD OF LIFE’ – see our Home page – for the Church of Scotland’s Facebook page, and our website – see below!





Sunday 14 May (Easter 5): ‘On the other side’, looking at John 14: 1-14 (Reading 14 May).  Quite a challenging passage – for adults too.  We started off with a team game comparing ‘the United Kingdom’ with ‘God’s Kingdom’, and found we had to think hard about just what ‘God’s Kingdom meant and what and who might be included!  We then took as the theme Jesus’ words, ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’, and talked about Jesus as the Way, and how we find our way around (eg. with a compass) – and why a church will always tell you which way is north…..

Sunday 7 May (Easter 4): ‘Gateway to Life’.  Gates, sheepfolds, gatekeepers – what do they mean?  Our focus reading was John 10: -10 (Reading 7 May (Easter 5).  We navigated through gates and made some gates out of Matchmakers (bit chocolatey), and talked also about ‘gatekeepers’ in life – exams, interviews and other kinds.  

Easter Sunday: The pictures tell it all!  It was great to have so many children this morning.  We did a quiz to complete a ‘Jelly Beans Easter Prayer’, and then decorated hard-boiled eggs which we then rolled outside until only one was left unbroken.  The seagulls came along afterwards….











Baking for the All-Age Communion on 5 March


Bakers of Morningside


Bread for the journey







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On Sunday 11 December, the Sunday Club children presented Jeanette Winterson’s retelling of the Nativity story, The Lion, the Unicorn and Me, to the congregation.  Pictures of the talented cast below!                                                

Cast of The Lion, the Unicorn and Me
Cast with Sunday Club leaders