Sunday Club


At the 10.30 Sunday Service, we have a Sunday Club for children from 3/4 to 12 years, and a creche available for those under 3.  With our team of Sunday Club leaders,  we do activities connected with the readings for that Sunday, and often include a simple, fun craft or a song.  We usually use Spill the Beans material.  Everyone welcome! 
If you would like to know more about our work with children and young people, contact Jennifer Stark, our Associate for Christian Education and Pastoral Care.
Telephone: 07802 263979

What did we do last week?

Sunday 26th March (Lent 4): Great fun this morning at the 10.30 service when David (aka Norma, one of our leaders) played guitar to remind us of David playing for Saul to heal his depression.  At Sunday Club, our activities focused on Psalm 23.  The younger children made sheep badges and in the older group, we played ‘Psalm 23 Bingo’, and thought about the pictures of love that the writer gives us.  Towards the end, we gathered under a big parachute (which was a little like being in a tent), and anointed each other with rosemary-scented oil, remembering to give thanks for mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other women who care for us.

Sunday 19th March (Lent 3): Our readings this week were about water – the story in Exodus about Moses striking a rock to find water for the Israelites on their journey; and Jesus asking a Samaritan woman for water at the well.  So the activities were about water – and about learning to survive on a hard journey through the desert – squeezing the last drop of juice from an orange to make the most of what we have; using Morse Code to flash SOS, and learning how to use a compass!  The older ones also did a Water Quiz to find out more about something we often take for granted; and talked naming places and people (as mentioned in the Exodus passage).  

Sunday 5th March: 10.30 – All Age Communion.  The children participated in this service, helping to lead prayers and read the story of the Last Supper; and two of the young people brought up the bread and grape juice for communion and helped serve the elders.  
The bread was very special this year because a few of us had baked it the day before – we made 4 loaves and an impartial judge chose one to be used in the service.   We  enjoyed some of the bread with our coffee after the service.  


Bakers of Morningside


Bread for the journey







Sunday 26th February (Transfiguration): ‘Listening to him’.  Next Sunday, the children will be participating in the All-Age Communion and we spent time today preparing for this – linking Transfiguration – Jesus being seen in a new way by his disciples – and Communion – Jesus sharing his presence with us in a new way.  We had a ‘relay race’ – because Communion is also about ‘passing the baton’ of Jesus’ message through all of us who are part of the Church!   Then, because some of us are baking bread for the Communion next week, we made a frieze showing all the ingredients for Communion – people, prayer, the Bible, bread, wine, Jesus….. If you’d like a look, it’s on the notice board  in the Braid Hall. 

Sunday 19th February: ‘Listening and doing’.  The reading this morning was one of those which really challenge us  (Readings 19 Feb 2017), in which Jesus asks us to love our enemies and to go further and do more than we are asked to do. We played a game about ‘practising to be perfect’, and then talked about what it means to love our enemies – people who annoy us, upset us or maybe hurt us badly.  One example was local Portobello man, Eric Lomax, who, after many years, was able to forgive the person who had ill-treated him when a prisoner of war.  We made medals for people we admired; and also were delighted to have a second card of thanks from one of the Challenger Fund children (see below) .  

Sunday 12 February: ‘Working with God.’  Our focus reading was Corinthians 3: 1-9 (Readings 12 February 2017) in which St Paul urges the disciples to work together for God and not to be divided.  We thought about hands – open hands, thumbs up, clenched fist – and what messages they give to other people – and the younger ones made a ‘Friendship Wreath’, made up of all our hands together (now hanging in the back entrance hall).  The teenagers heard and talked about ways in which young people are given love and respect in hospital, and read a bit about children’s rights around the world.
We were also delighted to get a thank-you card from one of the children who received a Christmas present from the Sunday Club through the Challenger Fund.

Sunday 5 February (Candlemas): ‘Listening for the light’.  Today we joined the creche for a song ‘Welcome everybody’, before sitting down to think about our focus reading, Matthew 5: 13-20.   (Readings 5 Feb 2017).  Here, Jesus asks his followers to be ‘salt and light’ for the world; and we thought first about the many uses of salt and had great fun seeing how much salt we needed to add to water to get things to float –  a pear, a paper clip, a pencil!  Then we thought about how to be the light of the world, and made lamps out of coffee filters and battery tealights (which miraculously changed colour).


On Sunday 11 December, the Sunday Club children presented Jeanette Winterson’s retelling of the Nativity story, The Lion, the Unicorn and Me, to the congregation.  Pictures of the talented cast below!                                                

Cast of The Lion, the Unicorn and Me
Cast with Sunday Club leaders