Life Events

Baptisms,Funerals and Weddings

A Baptism (sometimes known as christening) is an important event in the life of a family, and in the life of the Church family too.

Baptism is one of the two sacraments recognised by the Church of Scotland, the other being the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. In the case of infant baptism the Church expects at least one parent or other close family member either to be a member of the Church or willing to become a member. In the baptismal service those appropriate adults profess their own faith and promise to give the child a Christian upbringing.

Baptism is not only for infants but can be something for adults too – who have not been baptised before. In the case of adult baptism the person himself or herself makes the appropriate promises.

Baptism is normally administered at Sunday worship in front of the congregation. This emphasises the nature of the sacrament as becoming part of the body of Christ and the life of the Church. There is a little more flexibility in the case of genuine emergencies, normally in a hospital situation.

Amongst the promises made by parents at the baptism of their child, and by adults at their baptism, is to become part of the Church’s life – and for children this would mean coming to the creche, and later Sunday School, as they grow up – accompanied by their parents.

The thanksgiving and blessing of a child

Since 2003, the Church has provided orders for the thanksgiving for, and blessing of, a child. The blessing ceremony takes place at morning worship following the same pattern as that for Baptism, except the wording and promises are different, and no water is used. Nothing is required of the parents in either commitment or belief. This is an option for parents if they are either not members of the Church, or wish for their child to make up his or her own mind about baptism later on in life.

LilyFunerals and Bereavement

A bereavement is a difficult time for everyone. People have so many different feelings and emotions about what has happened if they are honest with themselves. Grief, anger, relief, and thanksgiving are all common feelings. On top of all the natural emotions that are felt when a death occurs, there are many arrangements to be made.

If you are a member of Morningside Parish Church, or live within the church’s parish (roughly speaking the Morningside area of Edinburgh) you can call on the services of the Minister to conduct a funeral.

Before you make any plans or decisions it is important that you engage a reputable Funeral Director who will guide you through the sometimes complex arrangements that need to be made. It is the job of the Funeral Director to act as the link between you and the Minister, as well as make any of the necessary bookings for the Church service or the Crematorium or Cemetery. You will also be able to discuss booking a suitable venue for the ‘refreshments’ after the funeral service if that is something you would like to do.

The Minister will make arrangements to meet with you to discuss the content of the funeral service after the date, time and venue have been agreed by all parties. Things you will need to think about will include hymns, readings and the content of the tribute. The Minister will be happy to guide you through these arrangements.


weddingA wedding is an important occasion in the life of any couple. At Morningside Parish Church there are normally three criteria for a Church wedding:

1. One or other of the couple is a member of the congregation.

2. One or other of the couple has a strong, live family connection to the congregation.

3. One or other of the couple lives within the geographical bounds of Morningside parish.

Please click here for more information about organising a wedding at Morningside Parish Church.