Jennifer Stark

Jennifer Stark is our Associate for Christian Education and Pastoral Care and joined us in October 2016.  
Her remit includes working with children and young families in the church and community; congregational and pastoral support; and helping lead study groups to explore our faith.  Her contact details are:

Tel.      07802 263979

Jennifer’s family are from north of Glasgow and she grew up in Stirling.  She studied history at St Andrews, ‘lots of vivid memories of music-making and Easter tours with an eccentric but talented choir!’  She spent some years abroad, teaching English in Finland, France, Jordan and as a project leader with the British Council in Indonesia; and lived also for a number of years in York where she taught at the University.   

‘My faith journey began with baptism and childhood in the Church of Scotland, but I’ve been much enriched by experience of different traditions along the way – Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic and Quaker – and the friendships formed, for example, in an Ecumenical Theology course in York.   (This led in turn to sharing our tastes in single malt whisky and climbing trips to Skye, Wales and the Lake District).  But it also inspired me to explore my faith further by studying part-time for an MA in Theology from Leeds University (not sure now how I ever managed it while in a full-time job!); and by various degrees, to work for the Church of Scotland.  My first job was in Leith as leader of an ecumenical outreach project (where my work with the port chaplains opened up a whole new dimension of ministry to me); and then as part of a cross-parish ministry team in Glenrothes, focusing on children and families work and pastoral/ congregational support.
I am very much enjoying working in Morningside Parish Church, both with the children and adults.  Please get in touch if I can help’.

In early 2018, I made a visit to New Zealand, where we have both friends and family, and visited or worshipped in several small and beautiful churches, in Dunedin and around the South Island.  Here are pictures of some of them. 

St Columba’s Anglican Church, Wanaka
Former St Mary’s Anglican Church, Waikawa
St Mary’s (interior). The pews are made of rimu wood
Opoho Presbyterian Church, Dunedin
Bannockburn Presbyterian Church, Otago, South Island