Blue Christmas Service, Sunday 16th December, 3pm, in the Church

The annual Blue Christmas service, designed for people who find Christmas a difficult time for whatever reason, will be on Sunday 16th December at 3pm in the Church.
As part of our Blue Christmas service this year, there will be tree placed near the Communion Table  on which anyone who wishes, will be able to hang a star. These stars will be available, along with pens, for people to write the name of a loved one or of a difficult situation. 
The tree will stay in place after the service and throughout the Christmas season along with a small basket of stars and pens so that anyone who is unable to attend the service itself, will still be able to add a star if they so wish.
The service is a safe place for anyone to attend, whether they are a member of the congregation or not.
After the service, tea and coffee will be served in the Braid Hall.

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